UI Kit for building applications Preact, Htm, Robot
選択できるのは25トピックまでです。 トピックは、先頭が英数字で、英数字とダッシュ('-')を使用した35文字以内のものにしてください。
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twilson63 UI Kit is a combination of htm, preact, and robot to create a single bundle that can be imported either from a cdn or a single file. The bundled esm module is bundle.js


<!doctype html>
<script type="module">
  import { html, preact, robot, useMachine } from './bundle.js'
  const { render } = preact
  const { createMachine, state, transition } = robot

  const machine = createMachine({
    on: state(
      transition('toggle', 'off')
    off: state(
      transition('toggle', 'on')

  function App() {
    const [current, send] = useMachine(machine)
    return html`
      <h1>Status: ${current}</h1>
      <button onClick=${e => send('toggle')}>Toggle</button>

  render(html`<${App} />`, document.body)


yarn build