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title: ipress - markdown to web page description: create web pages using markdown


Build Status

ipress is a command-line interface that focuses on simplicity when creating web pages using markdown and front-matter. You can use it to quickly get a simple post, or you can use it to build a static driven blog or simple web site.

Don't know what markdown is? Check out

It is a simple text language that focuses on creating content for html pages.


  • NodeJS
  • Text Editor - RECOMMENDED VSCode

Getting Started

Install ipress

npm install -g ipress

Create a simple markdown file called

title: My First Page

# My First Web Page

This is a sample markdown page

Use ipress to build your html page

ipress > index.html

Open in your web browser

open index.html


Using the front-matter section, you can define header info for the html document:

attribute description
title Sets the html title
description Sets the meta tags description
image_url sets the open graph image meta element
image_alt sets the alternate description
icon sets the icon of the document

Deploying Options


When you build your markdown files, you can create a style.css file that is configured to be the css file used to style your generated html file. There is a sister project designed to make it easy to add styles to your pages. Check out

Other Tools

  • Spell Checker

Spell Check your article

npm i spellchecker-cli -g
spellchecker --files
  • Write Good

Grammar checking your article

npm i write-good -g

HTML Headers

When creating a post you may want to setup the title of the site, and a description. You can also add open graph resources like an image.

title: My Web Page Title
description: My description for the web page
image_alt: Bill Murray

This html headers adds nice data when users post the links to social media sites.


PULL Requests welcome

Thank you

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