Docker Image for * Node v12 * AWS CLI * @architect/architect
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ark is a docker image that contains node v12, aws-cli, and @architect/architect

How to build the image

docker image build .
docker tag [IMAGE ID] hyper63/ark:[version]

Deploy to docker registry

docker push hyper63/ark:[version]

How to use the image in jenkins v2

When working with Jenkins 2 using Jenkinsfile you can specify a docker container as an agent to your code.

pipeline {
  agent { docker { image 'hyper63/ark/v1' }}

The agent line will pull the ark image down and run it with your source code.

If you are using nodeJS you will want to setup npm to install global packages

pipeline {
  agent { docker { image 'hyper63/ark/v1' }}
  environment {
    HOME = '.'
    PATH="$PATH:${pwd()}/.npm-global/bin:${pwd tmp: true}/.npm-global/bin"

When using this image you need to create a folder .aws and create two files: credentials, config the credentials file will contain your aws_access_key_id and aws_secret_access_key, and the config file will contain region and output. Here is a script that sets up these files using some environment variables.

steps {
  sh 'rm -rf ~/.aws && mkdir ~/.aws'
  sh 'echo "[default]" >> ~/.aws/credentials'
  sh 'echo "aws_access_key_id = ${AWS_ACCESS_KEY}" >> ~/.aws/credentials'
  sh 'echo "aws_secret_access_key = ${AWS_ACCESS_SECRET}" >> ~/.aws/credentials'
  sh 'echo "[default]" >> ~/.aws/config'
  sh 'echo "region = us-east-1" >> ~/.aws/config'
  sh 'echo "output = json" >> ~/.aws/config'

  sh 'arc deploy'