Functional JS - 201 Workshop
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Functional JS Workshop

Functional Programming is a paradigm that focuses on the flow of data in an application, you application is a system that responds to events and returns information in a continuous loop. Functional programming embraces this reality and empowers you to model your code in an event driven way. In this workshop, we will learn some basic functional concepts and explore use cases to leverage these concepts, along with exercises to re-enforce what we are learning.

Learning Objectives


  • General programming knowledge
  • General knowledge of HTML, CSS, JS
  • Functional JS 101 - Closures, Higher order Functions, Immutability, Composition, and Curry
  • NodeJS v12 -
  • Code Editor - vs code is a great choice
  • Two monitors, one for viewing the workshop, and one for your development environment


  • Review
  • Distributed Systems - Shipping
  • Identity Monad
  • Either Monad
  • Task Monad
  • Lenses
  • Lenses functions, lensProp, lensPath
  • view, set, and over